Aprilaire 1 or 2 Stage Digital Programmable Thermostat #8570

Aprilaire 1 or 2 Stage Digital Programmable Thermostat #8570
Item# 8570
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Product Description

The Programmable Thermostat offers all that digital thermostats do, plus they can be programmed to automatically adjust your home's temperature based on your schedule and lifestyle. If you're looking for total home comfort and to save as much as 18% on your energy bill then this type of thermostat would be great for you. Other key benefits of this programmable thermostat include ease of use, award-winning design and power outage program protection.

* Features a large, backlit display combined with intuitive menus
* Helps you control energy costs while maintaining total comfort using a ‘set-back’ strategy to minimize energy consumption when you are sleeping or away from home Makes sure your other indoor air quality equipment is running smoothly for the ultimate in performance and comfort
* Allows you to glimpse into the status of all your indoor air quality equipment to make sure everything is properly maintained, thereby improving efficiency and performance
* Exclusive thermostat used in Aprilaire Intelligent Zoned Comfort Control – the premium product for delivering just the right amount of cooled or heated air to every section of your home