Aprilaire Flush Mount Temperature Sensor, 8051

Aprilaire Flush Mount Temperature Sensor, 8051
Item# 8051
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Product Description

The 8051 Flush Mount Temperature Sensor allows you to mount the thermostat out of sight. The 8051 can be painted to match the wall and is almost invisible, while providing outstanding temperature accuracy. As soon as the 8051 is attached to the the thermostat, the sensor in the thermostat is disconnected, meaning the thermostat can be mounted anywhere, or centrally mounted in a wiring closet or mechanical room.
The Flush Mount Sensor requires a one inch hole drilled in the sheet rock, and press fits into this hole. The 8051 ties back to the support module with two wires. The support module typically is mounted by or behind the thermostat, and connects with 3 wires to the thermostat. This sensor requires either the 8061 Temperture Sensor Module or 8062 Temperture Humidity Sensor Module. Connected to an Aprilaire Thermostat to Operate.
* Heating control range 38 to 88F, cooling 60 to 108F.
* Requires a 1 inch hole drilled in wall
* Visible part of Flush Mount Sensor is about 1.15 in diameter.
Aprilaire Sensor Modules Specifications
* Maximum Cable Length Between Module and Thermostat: 1000 feet
* Maximum Cable Length Between Module and Remote Temperature Sensor: 300 feet
Temperature Accuracy:
* Comfort Range (60F to 80F): 1F
* Control Range (40F to 100F): 2F
* Operating Range (-40F to 185F): 3F
* Maximum Display Range: -40F to 185F

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